Dr. Dennis Sandgathe - Publications

Sandgathe, D. and F. Berna
  in press Introduction to the Volume ’Fire and the Genus Homo’. Current Anthropology Supplement xx
Sandgathe, D.
  in press Identifying and Describing Pattern and Process in the Evolution of Hominin Use of Fire. Current Anthropology Supplement xx
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Collard, M., L. Tarle, D. Sandgathe and A. Allan
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Aldeias, V., H.L. Dibble, P. Goldberg, S.P. McPherron, D. Sandgathe
  2016 How heat alters underlying deposits and implications for archaeological fire features: a controlled experiment. Journal of Archaeological Science
Hodgkins, J., C. Marean, A. Turq, D. Sandgathe, S.P. McPherron, H.L. Dibble.
  2016 Climate-mediated shifts in Neandertal subsistence behaviors at Pech de l'Azé IV and Roc de Marsal (Dordogne Valley, France). Journal of Human Evolution
Castel, J-C, E. Discamps, M-C Soulier, D. Sandgathe, H.L. Dibble, S.P. McPherron, P. Goldberg, A. Turq
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Dibble, H.L., V. Aldeias, P. Goldberg, S.P. McPherron, D. Sandgathe, and T.E. Steele
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Sandgathe, D., Goldberg, P., H.L. Dibble, S.P. McPherron and A. Goldfield.
  2014 The Neandertal Child of Roc de Marsal: A Prehistoric Mystery. 2nd Edition. Pearson Canada, Toronto
Goldberg, P., V. Aldeias, H.L. Dibble, S.P. McPherron, D. Sandgathe, A. Turq
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Sandgathe, D., H.L. Dibble, P. Goldberg, S.P. McPherron 
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Sandgathe, D.
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Sandgathe, D.
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