The Department of Archaeolog at Simon Fraser University does not currently guarantee funding to all incoming graduate students. On average, our students receive $14,000 in funding every year. The department places no limits on the amount of scholarship funding that a student may receive provided that the total does not surpass the SFU limit of $50,000 of scholarship support per academic year.

Funding can be made up of scholarships, bursaries, awards, fellowships, TA/TM-ships, or RAships.

We recommend that all eligible students apply for TriCouncil, Vanier, and Trudeau scholarships.

Funding for Continuing Students

  • Travel and Minor Research Awards (ARCH)
    • Award Value: approximately $50 to $3,000
  • Graduate Fellowships (ARCH)
    • Award Value: approximately $7,000 (or $3,500)
    • Competition available Spring/Summer (date fluctuates between April and June) for Fall payment, and Fall for Spring payment

Other awards due about June 1 for Fall payment (HRM Eligible)

Archaeology Private Awards

Other Private Awards with Archaeology Competitions (Faculty or SFU-level awards)