Alexander Allan


B.A.: (Hon): Simon Fraser University 2015

Supervisor: Dr. Mark Collard         

Research Areas: Palaeoanthropology, Human Evolution, Palaeolithic Archaeology, Toolkit Structure


M.A. Research:

My master’s research has been focused on an investigation of subsistant toolkit structures within the Pacific Northwest region, with a focus on comparing the Coast and Plateau sub-regions. Through a comparison of toolkit structure data with environmental, mobility and population data at a regional scale we aim to better understand patterns that have been observed in larger scale studies.


2016 (Collard, M., Tarle, L., Sandgathe, D. and Allan, A.) Faunal evidence for a difference in clothing use between Neanderthals and early modern humans in Europe. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology.

Conference Presentations:

2017 (A. Allan, J. Harding, D. Sandgathe, and M. Collard.) How do we interpret elevated Neanderthal δ15N Values? [Poster Presentation]. Paleoanthropology Society Meetings 2017. Mar 28-29, 2017; Vancouver, BC.