Harman Nahal

Email: harman_nahal@sfu.ca

HBSc.: University of Toronto, 2017


Supervisor: Dr. Hugo Cardoso

Research Areas: juvenile osteology, forensic anthropology, taphonomy, bone trauma

MA Research:

My research interests focus on juvenile osteology, taphonomy of immature bone, violence and abuse against children and forensic anthropology. My current research focuses on high and low velocity biomechanical trauma of rib fracture patterns of the juvenile torso to differentiate between intentional and accidental injuries. This research is significant in providing a reference framework of the distribution of fracture patterns that occur to the thoracic region, and can aid forensic investigators in the determination of cause and manner of death.

Conference Presentations:   

2017. (L Spake, J Meyers, S Fisk, E Gooderham, L Marinho, D O’Neill, H Nahal, HFV Cardoso). Early Mortality and Developmental Stress Reflected in Crown Dimensions of the Deciduous and Permanent Dentitions. [Poster]. Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association of Physical Anthropology. Edmonton, Alberta.