Derek O’Neill


M.A.: Heritage Resource Management M.A. Candidate

B.A.: UNBC 2009                     

Supervisor: Dr. Hugo Cardoso

Research Areas: Bioarchaeology, Human Osteology, Mortuary Archaeology, Forensic Anthropology, Northwest Coast Archaeology


I am a professional archaeologist who has been engaged in Heritage Resource Management since 2008. Additionally, I have also worked in Canada, Colombia, Guatemala, and Somaliland as a forensic anthropologist and archaeologist. I am the Past President and Vice President of the British Columbia Association of Professional Archaeologists (BCAPA). I am a full-time archaeologist with In Situ Consulting Inc. based on the Sunshine Coast, BC. Additionally, I am the sole proprietor of Sirius Archaeology Solutions, a small CRM firm based in Metro Vancouver, BC. 

My enthusiasm was sparked for the HRM graduate program as it enables me to develop and flesh out my research questions, on and off campus, while being able to continue working on projects across British Columbia with In Situ and Sirius Archaeology.

Research Interest:

I am interested in topics of forensic anthropology and mortuary archaeology. 

Additionally, I am also interested in the use of forensic anthropology and archaeology as a tool to resolve cases of homicide, human rights violations, extra-judicial killings, disappearances, and genocide.

Other Activities:

If I am not in the field, lab, or working on reports I can usually be found exploring both the outdoors and the breweries of the northwest coast. I have a passion for reading (a self-diagnosed bibliophile), retro video games, and playing percussion (primarily acoustic and electronic drums).  



O’Neill, Derek

2016 Archaeological Impact Assessments for Petrochemical Developments for Various Proponents within NTS Mapsheets 93 I & P under Heritage Conservation Act Permit 2012-0053. (On file with the BC Archaeology Branch)

Derek has also authored numerous Archaeological Impact Assessment interim reports for Oil and Gas, Forestry, Infrastructure, and other industries (on file with the BC Archaeology Branch).

Conference Presentations:

O’Neill, Derek
2016   Unpacking Some of the Secrets of Secret Cove: Recent Archaeological Discoveries from Secret Cove, British Columbia. Presented at the 2016 British Columbia Archaeology Forum, Vancouver.

O’Neill, Derek and Francesco Pretto
2011   Grave Secrets: Unearthing Evidence from the Guatemalan Genocide. Presented at the University of Alberta’s Human Rights Week, Camrose.



Derek working in a mass grave in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Derek preparing skeletal remains for analysis in Bogota, Columbia in 2011.

Derek photographing the pictographs of Las Geel, Somaliland in 2012.

High elevation archaeology surveys in the mountain ranges near Boston Bar, BC (2014)