Thomas Royle

B.Sc. (Hons.): Archaeology, Minor in Biology, Trent University, 2012

M.A.: Archaeology, Simon Fraser University, 2014

Supervisor:  Dr. Dongya Yang         

Research Areas: Archaeology of the Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes; Archaeological Science, Ancient DNA, DNA Barcoding, Environmental Archaeology, Historical Ecology, Ichthyoarchaeology, Palaeoecology, Zooarchaeology.


Research Interest:

I am interested in exploring how the ancient DNA (aDNA) analysis of archaeological and paleontological fish remains can be used to test and inform archaeological interpretations. Specifically, my research uses the aDNA analyses of ancient fish remains to investigate the dynamics of the complex relationships between fish, people, and the environment over the longue durée. Currently, my research focuses on the ichthyoarchaeology of the Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes. Although I am primarily interested in fish remains, I have participated in aDNA projects focusing on remains from other taxa including aurochs, beluga whales, passenger pigeons, and ground squirrel

Ph.D. Research:

Despite their cross-cultural importance, few studies have applied ancient DNA analysis to archaeological fish remains. Consequently, the methods available for the aDNA analysis of fish remains are underdeveloped relative to those available for the aDNA analysis of mammals, and other more ‘charismatic’ fauna. For my dissertation research, I seek to address this methodological gap by developing and applying new DNA-based methods for the species and sex identification of archaeological fish remains.

M.A. Thesis:

Ancient DNA Analysis of Middle and Late Period Archaeological Fish Remains from Kamloops, British Columbia



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