Kathleen Settle

Email: kathleen.settle@sfu.ca

M.A.: SFU Heritage Resource Management M.A. Candidate

B.A.: University of Indianapolis 2010

Others Credentials: Scientific Diver with Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP), 2010 

Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Driver

Research Areas: Archaeological Field Methods


I graduated from the University of Indianapolis in 2010 with my B.S. in Archaeology. I have always been interested in archaeology, though narrowing down my focus was a bit of a challenge. I participated in 5 archaeological field schools as an undergraduate, as fieldwork was always my preference to laboratory work. I have been working in CRM since 2010, and have come to appreciate the office work that comes with archaeology. I am interested in learning more about the laws that govern archaeological work and how to apply them.

M.A. Research:

My proposed research topic is to compare traditional urban archaeological field methods with vacuum truck excavations methods. To analyze the time and costs of the two methods, the artifact volume, and the rate of findings to see if one method is more successful than the other for clients and CRM firms. I also plan to work with the local Department of Natural Resources- Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology to analyze projects that were put on hold due to accidental finds after the project had been cleared.

Other Activities:

My other activities include running, when I am not injured, swimming, and any other type of exercise. I love traveling to new places and trying new foods. On the reverse side I also love being a homebody with my husband and my dog.


2017 (Settle, Katie and Veronica Parsell). Cultural Resources Literature Review and Phase Ia Reconnaissance for the LaPorte County Regional Utility District- Rolling Prairie Wastewater Collection System, LaPorte County, Indiana.

2017 (Settle, Katie and Kaye Grob). Phase Ia Archaeological Records Review and Reconnaissance, LaPorte Travel Plaza 3- Water and Wastewater System, LaPorte County, Indiana

2017 (Settle, Kathleen, Kaye Grob, and Veronica Parsell). Phase I Archaeological Reconnaissance for Camelot Homes: Jacksonville Heights Subdivision, New Lenox Township, Will County, Illinois.

2017 (Grob, Kaye and Katie Settle). Phase Ia Archaeological Reconnaissance for the County Road 50 South Extension, Princeton, Gibson County, Indiana, Des. No. 1601410.

2017 (Thursby, Lori and Katie Settle). Historic Property Report, West Main Street Road Reconstruction, Noble County, Indiana. Des. No. 1400791.

2016 (Greene, James and Kathleen Settle). Phase Ib Archaeological Testing of Sites 12-Pr-0774 and 12-Pr-0775 for the State Road 2 and County Road 100 South Intersection Improvement Project.

2016 (Settle, Katie). Phase Ia Archaeological Records Review and Reconnaissance for the West Main Street Road Reconstruction Project (INDOT Des. No. 1400791), Albion, Noble County, Indiana.

I have authored other Cultural Resource Management reports on file with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources- Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology.