Emily Slifkin

SFU Email:  eas17@sfu.ca

M.A.: SFU Heritage Resource Management M.A. Candidate

B.A.: University of Central Florida, Anthropology, 2019

Supervisor: Dr. Ross Jamieson


Research Interests: Prehistoric and Environmental archaeology.     



I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2019. Since then, I have worked for two Cultural resource management firms in the state of Florida.

M.A. Research

Using the resources available to me I intend to compare and contrast the fauna found on lands belonging to the Calusa, the Tequesta and the Mayaimi to investigate how the types of fauna impacted the Tribe’s success or downfall.

Other Activities: I enjoy traveling, photography, music, and learning languages.



 Conference Presentations:   

●      2018 (Carr, Nadine., Faulker, Brittany., Gonzalez, Samantha., Medlock, Kristina., Slifkin, Emily) Burial Practices in Papdomb, Patakfalva (PowerPoint presentation) odorheiu secuiesc, Romania.

●      2018 (Bateman, Cynthia., Isberner, Develyn., Ott, Richard., Siberski-Valentin, Gabriella., Slifkin, Emily.) Preserving the past for the future: Archaeological Research at the Burns site (Poster Presentation) University of Central Florida The Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence.



In photo: Emily Slifkin.
Probing for solution holes in Fort Lauderdale 2020

Leveling the 2x2 Unit. Fort Lauderdale Florida, 2020