Laura Termes

M.A.: University of Bournemouth 2011

B.A.: University of Saskatchewan 2009

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Richards

Archaeology Isotope Laboratory


Research Areas: Zooarchaeology, Human Osteology, Paleontology, Museums

Ph.D. Research:  

Investigating British Columbia’s ice age refugia by sourcing and dating extinct megafauna.

MA Thesis:

Romano-British cattle butchery. Evidence from a cellar deposit in Wortley Villa for rural Bos marrow processing.

Other Activities:

Since 2013, consulting archaeologist focusing on human and animal osteological remains in the Northwest Coast region.


2013 (Termes, Laura) Scapula Points. The Midden 45 (3): 11-14.



Survey at Sabazan on Carriacou, W.I., photo taken by Dr. Christina Giovas


Mammoth collagen in Dr. Mike Richard's chemistry lab


Paleontology field trip with Dr. Barbara Winter in Courtenay