Information for Applicants

Applications open October 1st every year, and are due January 15th.

Note: There is a mandatory application fee of $90 CAN (students with Canadian transcripts) or $125 CAN (students with international transcripts) payable by credit card (MasterCard or Visa).

The deadline for the receipt of completed applications is January 15th for entrance into the program in the following Fall Semester (September); however, we encourage you to apply early in order to open your application online and ensure you have time to upload your materials and your referees have sufficient time to provide a reference.  Please note reference letters are done online through the application system.  Instructions can be found within the application system.

Heritage Resource Management applicants, please view the HRM page here.

Original transcripts should be addressed to:

Graduate Program Assistant
Archaeology, EDB 9635
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6

Applications must include the following:

  • The application form - it is important that we receive this early so we can start a file and keep track of letters of reference and transcripts. APPLY ONLINE
  • Three letters of reference - You will enter contact information and the referees will complete an online form.
  • Official transcripts from all academic institutions you have attended - please ensure that these are sent directly to the Archaeology Department, or provided in a sealed and stamped envelope - NOTE only one copy is required (If you attended SFU, you are not required to provide an SFU transcript. We still require transcripts from all other institutions you have attended.);
  • A concise statement of research interests - not more than half a page;
  • A list of your publications - if applicable.
  • Curriculum Vitae - it is required to submit a current CV with academic contributions, including published materials, conference papers, and reports.
  • Writing sample
  • Scholarship Applications - All applicants are automatically considered for Entrance Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships.

Graduate Admission Notes

The following are some notes to assist applicants in the preparation of their applications to the graduate programme in Archaeology.

In the application form, you are asked to indicate areas of research interest. This information enables the Graduate Program Committee to evaluate whether or not the facilities and expertise exist in the Archaeology Department to enable you to carry out your graduate work. Students are normally admitted to the program only if they have found a potential Senior Supervisor. You are strongly encouraged to contact individual faculty members who have research interests similar to your own to see if there is a possibility of gaining admission. In order to facilitate communication between you and potential supervisors a list of faculty members and links to their respective web pages may be found here.

If you have other indications of research or scholarly excellence, such as publications, please include a list in your application. In addition, if you have completed a thesis (in English or French) in another graduate program please include a copy of the abstract, and if possible a copy of the final chapter of the thesis. We particularly recommend this to applicants who are required to write the TOEFL or IELTS examination to gain entrance into Simon Fraser University, i.e., those whose first language is not English and have not received a degree from a University having instruction in English. If your thesis was not written in English, please provide an English translation of the abstract.

Grades in multiple courses are calculated as a Grade Point Average (GPA) for the past semester or academic year, and a cumulative GPA (CGPA) for the entire degree program. At this university, grades are calculated on a 4.33 point scale, and a 3.0 (or B) CGPA is the minimum required for entry into the graduate program. A CGPA of 3.0 or a grade of B is considered a "Good Performance". We recognise that different scales are used at other universities. Official transcripts from your previous university should provide the most recent GPA and CGPA as well as scales of evaluation used. If your referees are familiar with the grade scales used, it would be helpful if they could comment on the scales and how they compare with those used at Simon Fraser University.

There is more information for future students available on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website here:

It is now possible to view the status of your application and the receipt of applicable materials online. This can be done by viewing your "To Do" List via goSFU.  Please feel free to contact the Graduate Program Assistant by phone (778-782-4727) or email to check the status of your file. Note: If your file is incomplete, it will not be reviewed.

Following acceptance, the details of required courses are determined on an individual basis. Further information on the graduate program and university regulations may be obtained from the University Calendar.

All SFU Awards are administered through GA3. If there is a separate award that you would like to apply for, please apply using GA3.

Information about departmental faculty and their interests can be found in the University Calendar, or by visiting their respective web pages. International students applying to the department may be interested in the financial information posted here.

Thank you for your interest in pursuing graduate studies at Simon Fraser University.