M.A. Theses: David Schaepe, 1998


Recycling Archaeology: Analysis of Material from the 1973 Excavation of an Ancient House at the Mauer Site


The primary objective of this study is to assess the validity of a prehistoric feature excavated during the 1973 archaeological investigation of the Maurer site (DhRk 8) in the upper Fraser River Valley, B.C., conducted by Ron LeClair. Preliminary reports from this excavation assert that this feature: (1) was a structure; (2) functioned as a house; and (3) was 3500-5500 years old, making it one of the oldest and rarest houses on the Northwest Coast. Widely, though inconsistently, accepted by the Northwest Coast archaeological community, these original reports--the only analyses of this feature to date-provide little substantive evidence supporting these assertions. While information from this feature has potentially wide-ranging and significant ramifications to the prehistory of the upper Fraser Valley area, the encompassing Gulf of Georgia Region and the overall Northwest Coast cultural area, its actual contributions have been negligible due to its uncertainty. A secondary objective of this study is to test the generally utility of conducting collections study based archaeological investigations. In this study, Assertions 1-3--respectively defined above--were established as focal points for testing the validity of the supposed Maurer house feature.