Megan Vanderwel


B.A.: University of British Columbia 2012


Supervisor: Dr. David Burley

Research Areas: Northeast BC Archaeology, Winter Testing Methodology, Cultural Heritage Resource Management

What has sparked your enthusiasm for joining the HRM program?:

Being a student in the HRM program allows me to continue my career while I  work towards my Master’s degree. The HRM program offered by SFU is unlike anything in North America in that it promotes the education and professional development of heritage resource managers.

Research Interest:

Winter archaeology, frozen testing, and snow cover archaeological impact assessments are all completed in northeastern British Columbia to address the constraints of the oil and gas industry. Winter methodology has rarely been tested or compared to the effectiveness of summer or snow-free archaeology. In a regulator role in northeastern BC, I receive questions weekly from stakeholders and archaeologists alike on the benefits and restrictions of winter testing.

M.A. Research:

My thesis research is addressing the methodology of winter testing in northeast British Columbia. I am examining the potential of site identification under winter and summer conditions, appropriate subsurface testing methodologies, and snow cover thresholds. The main goal of my thesis research is to identify any shortcomings in winter testing methodology and potential risks to the resource.


Pegg, Brian, James Greenhalgh, Carla Mainwaring, and Megan Vanderwel

    2009 The Gold Rush, CPR, and Cedar: Applied Archaeology in the Fraser Canyon. The Midden


Conference Presentations:   

Gordon, Steffan and Megan Vanderwel

    2009 Rice Burials in Thailand. Paper presented at Kwantlen Polytechnic University 6th Annual

        Anthropology Conference. Surrey, British Columbia.

Vanderwel, Megan

    2008  First Nations and Climate Change in British Columbia. Paper presented at Kwantlen    

       Polytechnic University 5th Annual Anthropology Conference. Surrey, British Columbia.


Pictures: In the Field