Graduand Tessa Fryer Awarded the 2016 Deans Undergraduate Convocation Medal in the Faculty of Environment

May 25, 2016

Tessa Fryer has been awarded the Faculty of Environment 2016 Deans Convocation Medal to be presented at convocation on June 7. The Deans Medal is given to a single student in the Faculty chosen from the top 5% of graduating students. Tessa completed a joint major in Archaeology and First Nations Studies as well as a Certificate in Cultural Resource Management. Her graduating GPA is 4.19 with 13 A+ grades and 12 A grades for coursework taken at SFU. Tessa participated in the 2014 South Pacific field school in Fiji and Tonga and also spent one semester as an exchange student at Monash University in Melbourne. Tessa’s future plans are for a career in the field of Indigenous Heritage Management.



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