Fire and the Genus Homo

December 08, 2017

“Fire and the Genus Homo” was the 152nd symposium in the Wenner-Gren series. Organized by Dennis M. Sandgathe and Francesco Berna (Simon Fraser University), it was held on October 16–22, 2015, at Tivoli Palácio de Seteais in Sintra, Portugal.

There has been an impressive upsurge in research into the evolution of human fire usage over the past decade and some firmly embedded preconceptions and popular theoretical models (e.g., the cooking hypothesis) have generated considerable debate and discussion. The papers presented at “Fire and the Genus Homo” symposium addressed these issues and many more.

In August 2017, the symposium proceedings were published in Current Anthropology Vol.58 Supl. 16 (  This volume provides the most up-to-date summaries and discussions of the evidence for, and debates surrounding, the human use of fire. For this reason alone it is a go-to reference for anyone interested in fire and its importance to human evolution.

Francesco Berna, Meg Thibodeau and Dennis Sandgathe

Dennis Sandgathe and Francesco Berna