HRM Resources

March 10, 2017

HRM Resources: Zotero Bibliography

The HRM Program has created a Zotero group featuring over 1100 bibliographic entries for academic publications relevant to heritage resource management. Curated from previous bibliographic endeavours and current research, the entries are perfect for anyone working in or studying heritage resource management, collaborative practices, cultural heritage studies, Indigenous archaeologies, or law, policy, and repatriation issues. Organized and tagged for easy access, please follow the group and use these resources.

HRM Resources: Videos

The SFUheritage Youtube Channel features the wide variety of research in current archaeology, including videos from the seminar series in the Department of Archaeology at SFU. Watch Morgan Ritchie discuss his archaeological work through Sts'ailes First Nation and the implications for heritage management, identity, and governance. Listen to Dr. Ross Jamieson talk about his historical archaeological work in a 19th Century Galapagos Plantation. Travel back in time with Dr. Roy Carlson's seminar on his archaeological work in the Nubian Paleolithic.