Group Requirements

Archaeology Group Requirements 

Group I Core Courses
ARCH 372-4 Material Culture Analysis
ARCH 376-4 Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
ARCH 471-5 Archaeological Theory

Group II Environmental Archaeology Courses
ARCH 329-3 Special Topics in Environmental Archaeology
ARCH 340-5 Zooarchaeology
ARCH 363-3 Landscape Archaeology
ARCH 365-3 Archaeological Perspectives on Human Ecology
ARCH 375-3 From Soup to Nuts: The Archaeology of Food
ARCH 383-3 Molecular Bioarchaeology
ARCH 386-3 Archaeological Resource Management
ARCH 388-5 Geoarchaeology
ARCH 390-5 Archaeobotany
ARCH 428-5 Soil Micromorphology

Group III Biological Anthropology Courses
ARCH 322-3 Special Topics in Biological Anthropology
ARCH 323-3 Special Topics in Biological Anthropology II
ARCH 344-3 Primate Behaviour
ARCH 373-5 Human Osteology
ARCH 385-5 Paleoanthropology
ARCH 442-5 Forensic Anthropology
ARCH 452-5 Introduction to Paleopathology

Group IV Topical Courses
ARCH 301-3 Ancient Visual Art
ARCH 312-3 Greek Art and Archaeology
ARCH 313-3 Roman Art and Archaeology
ARCH 321-3 Select Regions in World Archaeology I
ARCH 331-3 Select Regions in World Archaeology II
ARCH 332-3 Special Topics in Archaeology I
ARCH 333-3 Special Topics in Archaeology II
ARCH 335-5 Special Laboratory Topics in Archaeology
ARCH 348-5 Archaeological Conservation
ARCH 349-5 Management of Archaeological Collections
ARCH 376-5 Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
ARCH 377-5 Historical Archaeology
ARCH 378-3 Pacific Northwest North America
ARCH 434-3 Archaeological Field Methods
ARCH 485-5 Lithic Technology


* Special topics and/or directed studies courses may substitute for group II, III, or IV courses, provided the content of the special topics and/or directed studies course suggests a suitable substitution, and written department consent is obtained prior to enrollment.