Allison Watt
Long-time employee Alison Watt, director of the university secretariat, has been recognized for her significant contributions to SFU.

Chancellor’s award goes to SFU employee

March 19, 2009

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In a departure from tradition, SFU has honoured Alison Watt, director of the university secretariat, with the 2009 Chancellor’s Distinguished Service Award.

The award is customarily given to an individual external to SFU. The Senate Committee on University Honours, however, chaired by Chancellor Brandt Louie, wanted to recognize Watt for her remarkable record of service to the university community.

Nominators cited her leadership, selfless volunteerism and compassion for others, and her unwavering commitment to making SFU a better place for students, staff and faculty.

Watt, who has spent the past 37 years working quietly in the background, ensures the proper functioning of the university’s two most important governance structures: the senate and the board of governors.

She has also been the driving force behind many of SFU’s successful United Way campaigns and is a regular volunteer at convocation ceremonies.


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A. J. (Sandy) Dawson

Congratulations to Alison on a well deserved recognition of her work for SFU over so many years. I know I always enjoyed working with and her, and appreciated the efforts she put forward on behalf of the University's faculty and staff.

Best wishes,


Professor of Education

University of Hawaii

(retired [from} SFU faculty member)

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