September 19, 1996 * Vol . 7, No. 2

It's a hot pace for The Big Dog on campus

It's been anything but a dog's life for the ubiquitous McFog, SFU's new Scottish terrier mascot. The busy hound has been front and centre at events such as the Shrum Bowl and community BBQ.

Among the canine's myriad duties has been the handing out copies of A Place for Everyone calendars. They contain a wealth of information about the department of recreational services and athletics' campaign to include everyone and their dog in fitness activity and athletic events -- varsity schedules, fitness and wellness, outdoor recreation, non-credit instruction and clubs, intramurals, aquatics and facilities.

"I'm very flattered that you've chosen to share the name McFog with me," says Patrick McTaggart-Cowan, SFU's first president, now in his 80s and living in Ontario.

McTaggart-Cowan was given the nickname during the Second World War when he served as the meteorologist in charge of deciding when allied bombers could fly from Gander, Newfoundland. "Air crews began referring to me as McFog after a 40-day spell of bad weather," he recalls.

The identity of the person who is the first to wear the state-of-the-art suit is being kept secret. We can tell you that the person has a background in gymnastics and will receive free tuition for hot dogging at campus events.
For those who are concerned about cruelty, there is a fan inside the suit to help McFog keep a cool head. For those who miss the familiar gorilla, SFU's former mascot, he will retire at an Oct. 18 basket-ball game. Various mascots around town have been invited to participate in a half-time soccer game in honor of the long-serving ape.

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