Volume 7, No. 1 September 5, 1996


New faces, new spaces on Burnaby campus

Welcome newcomers! And welcome back to those returning to SFU for the fall semester.

Over 600 new students took part in orientation sessions over the past three weeks. Among the newcomers is SFU's new high-profile mascot, doggedly posing above with newfound friends in the long-awaited student services building.

The official opening ceremony of the Maggie Benston Centre is Wednesday, Sept. 11, beginning at 3:30 p.m. The airy and impressive MBC houses everything from the registrar's office and student society to the bookstore and pub. Many other departments moved in August to spaces previously occupied by new Maggie Benston tenants. For example, development and alumni relations now call Strand Hall home.

Over 100 events - academic and personal enhancement, career, social, cultural and educational, and recreational and athletic - are planned this fall. A complete schedule is widely available on campus, including the office of the revamped campus community services, in the program development office (MBC 1480).

Everyone in the university community is invited to participate in recreational and athletic events. Check out your options in a complete listing, available at the recreation office in the gym complex.

Thursday at the Theatre, free weekly noon-hour performances, kick off on Sept. 12 at 12:30 p.m. with "Pick of the Fringe." This is the best place to start if you're searching for culture on campus.

The new SFU mascot - a larger than life Scottish terrier named McFogg - is replacing a retiring gorilla. It is being unveiled at ... what else, but "A Dog's Breakfast" at the Diamond University Club this morning (Sept. 5). Expect to see more - much more - of the kilted canine on campus, including an upcoming profile in SF News.




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