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* Research Agreement.pdf
Researchers needing access to personal information must complete and submit this form. It is a PDF with fillable fields that can be saved to your computer.
* TakedownRequestForm.pdf
Use this form to initiate takedown requests for digital material. Last updated: Apr 2015.

Reference Material

* UsingSFUArchives.pdf
A printable guide on how archives work and how to access archival material.
* ReproductionServices.pdf
Departmental policy about the reproduction of archival material.
* Glossary of Archival Terms.pdf
Terms and definitions specific to Archives and Records Management
* AccessPolicy.pdf
High-level statement of the Archives' access commitments, including its management of copyright issues and its commitment to protection of privacy. Last updated: May 2015.
* TakedownRequestProcedure.pdf
Protocol for members of the public to request takedown of the Archives' online materials for privacy or copyright reasons. Last updated: May 2015.
* RiskAssessmentCriteria.pdf
General criteria by which the Archives assesses risk when determining whether or not to disseminate copyright-protected materials through its online access system. Last updated: May 2015.
* CopyrightAnalysisTools.pdf
Detailed guidelines for staff archivists when applying the general risk assessment criteria to specific cases and types of materials. Last updated: May 2015.

University Information Policies

  • I 10.01 Archives, Recorded Information Management, and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

The Archives and Records Management Department's enabling policy describes its mandate, role and responsibilities.

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