Links and resources

In addition to the links below, the Archives is also moving documentation for digital archiving to its public GitHub site. This is a work in progress, as we convert documentation from the various sources on which it is currently maintained (Word documents, pdfs, internal wiki pages).


Digital Preservation Management Policy (POL-3)

  • High-level statement of SFU Archives' commitments with respect to digital preservation.
  • Last updated: May 2017 | Download PDF


Access to Archival Materials Policy (POL-2)

  • High-level statement of SFU Archives' commitments with respect to access; includes sections relating to access and copyright issues for born-digital and digitized materials made available through SFU AtoM.
  • Last updated: May 2015 | Download PDF


Format Policy Registry (STN-9)

  • Register of acceptable and preferred file forumats for deposit, as well as the file formats the Archives uses for preservation and access purposes.
  • Last updated: July 2016 | Download PDF

Guidelines and procedures

Digitization of Original Paper Source Records (GDL-38)

  • Guidance for SFU departments considering scanning orginal paper records for use in electronic form during the records' active and semi-active periods.
  • Last updated: February 2015 | Download PDF


Transferring Digital Records to SFU Archives: Procedures (PRC-57)

  • Procedures for SFU departmental staff and private donors who wish to transfer digital materials to the Archives.
  • Last updated: Jan 2021 | View online (GitHub)Download PDF


Digital Transfer Workflow

  • Visual representation of the transfer workflow.
  • Last updated: April 2020 | Download image


Digital Transfer Checklist

  • Checklist for SFU departmental staff and private donors for the digital transfer process.
  • Last updated: May 2020 | Download PDF


Digital Transfer Validation Checklist

  • Checklist for archivist receiving and validating a digital transfer.
  • Last updated: May 2020 | Download PDF

Software utilties and tools

SFU MoveIt packaging utility

  • Desktop app for packaging digital file for transfer. Latest version is 2.0.4.
  • Last updated December 2020 | Descripton page | Download page

Communications and reports

Digital Repository Project (2013-2016): Key Performance Indicators

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Archives hree-year University Priority Fund (UPF) project (2013-16) to develop digital repository infrastructure
  • Last updated: June 2015 | Download PDF


Simon Fraser University Archives Digital Preservation Strategy: Project Report

  • Final report on the Archives' initial proof of concept project (2011-12) to develop a digital preservation strategy; report prepared by project consultant (Artefactual Systems Inc).
  • Last updated: April 2012 | Download PDF