Copyright Policy Framework for Online Dissemination of Archival Materials

SFU Archives provides access to digital archival records through SFU AtoM, the university's online portal to its archival holdings. Disseminating archival materials over the Internet raises a host of copyright issues because archival fonds and collections typically include large numbers of protected works for which SFU is not the copyright owner. To manage these issues, the Archives has developed a risk-management approach, distinguishing between high-risk and low-risk materials. Under this approach, the Archives will disseminate low-risk third-party copyright-protected materials without seeking the copyright owner's permission. For materials deemed high-risk, the Archives will not disseminate without first seeking the owner's permission. The copyright policy framework is embodied in the following documents.

Access to Archival Materials Policy (PDF)

  • High-level statement of the Archives' access commitments, including its management of copyright issues and its commitment to protection of privacy.
  • Last updated: May 2015.

Procedures for Request for Takedown of Online Materials by Record Subjects or Copyright Owners (PDF)

  • Protocol for members of the public to request takedown of the Archives' online materials for privacy or copyright reasons.
  • Last updated: May 2015.

Request for Takedown of Online Materials Form (PDF)

  • The form used to initiate takedown requests.
  • Last updated: Apr 2015.

Copyright Risk Assessment Criteria Standard (PDF)

  • General criteria by which the Archives assesses risk when determining whether or not to disseminate copyright-protected materials through its online access system.
  • Last updated: May 2015.

Copyright Analysis Tools (PDF)

  • Detailed guidelines for staff archivists when applying the general risk assessment criteria to specific cases and types of materials.
  • Last updated: May 2015.