SFU MoveIt Packaging Utility

SFU MoveIt is a small Python-based desktop utility built by SFU Archives and SFU Library to prepare digital objects for transfer to the Archives.

SFU MoveIt follows the BagIt File Packaging Format to create transfer packages on a user's local machine as standard BagIt containers ("Bags"). The app provides an interface for users to enter transfer metadata (contact information, records description) which is written to the Bag. The transfer is then ready for upload to a designated deposit folder on SFU Vault, the university's file-sharing and storage service.

Using SFU MoveIt offers three main advantages over basic upload / copying of unpackaged files.

(i) It is standards-based. SFU MoveIt creates standardized transfer packages that implement the BagIt specification, ensuring that transfers are consistent and predictable in structure, regardless of content.

(ii) It generates checksums. SFU MoveIt creates a checksum for each file packaged. A checksum is an alpha-numeric value calculated by an algorithm applied to the file's underlying bitstream (the string of 0s and 1s). It functions as a kind of "digital fingerprint": any change to the bitstream will generate a completely different checksum when the same algorithm is applied. This enables the Archives to validate transfers by comparing the files' pre- and post-transfer checksums. In this way we can identify any files that suffered corruption or data loss during transmission and request users to re-send them.

(iii) It incorporates user-supplied metadata. The information provided by users about the transfer is important contextual information, valuable for the long-term management of the materials and for their future understandability and use. SFU MoveIt retains the metadata within the transfer package itself so that it is carried with the records throughout their subsequent life in the digital preservation system.

SFU MoveIt is open-source tool and may be freely adapted. It is available for Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.13 and higher. The latest version (2.x) was released in April 2020. For detailed installation and user instructions, see Transferring Digital Records to SFU Archives: Procedures (PRC-57). For download, visit the Archives' download page or the GitHub repository page.

Page last updated: June 30, 2020