Transfer Digital Records

To transfer digital records to SFU Archives, complete and submit the online form. The Archives will review your request; on approval, Archives will provide a Transfer Number, expiry date, and link to a folder on SFU Vault for upload. There are different forms for university records and for privately donated archival materials.


This checklist summarizes the steps involved in transferring digital records to the Archives. You can also download the checklist as a PDF form.

1. Install SFU MoveIt.

2. University departments: identify the Records Retention Schedule and Disposal Authority (RRSDA) that apply to the records.

3. Private donors: confirm that your Donation Agreement provides for transfer of digital records.

4. Confirm that the file formats you want to transfer are currently supported by SFU Archives.

5. Submit an online Digital Records Transfer Request Form

6. Receive the Transfer Approval Notice from the Archives

  • You will receive the Notice via email; it provides a Transfer Number, Expiry Date, and a link to a Transfer Folder on SFU Vault.

7. Package your records for transfer using SFU MoveIt

  • SFU MoveIt creates a standardized Transfer Package to your desktop, including a file list of package contents
  • The Transfer Package is automatically named by SFU MoveIt using the Transfer Number provided in Step 6, e.g. TRN-2017-009-1

8. Upload the Transfer Package to the Transfer Folder on SFU Vault.

  • Follow the link to the folder that you received in the Transfer Approval Notice in step 6
  • Note that the link will expire on the Expiry Date provided in Step 6

9. Upload any metadata or other associated documentation relating to the records to the Transfer Folder on SFU Vault

  • Include all such documentation in a single folder called "Metadata"

10. Retain for your own records the Transfer File List created by SFU MoveIt in step 7

  • This is the file name "-meta.txt", e.g. TRN-2017-009-1-meta.txt
  • These lists will be useful if you later need to request access

11. Notify Archives that the transfer is complete

  • Reply to the email you received in Step 6 as the Transfer Approval Notice

12. Receive the Transfer Accessioned Notice

  • You will receive the Notice via email

13. Delete the records transferred.

Deletion ensures that:

  • You will not unintentionally re-transfer the same records at a later date
  • You are in compliance with the applicable Records Retention Schedule and Disposal Authority (RRSDA)
  • You minimize the risk of unauthorized access, use or disclosure of personal or confidential information contained in the record

Page last updated: Apr 7, 2017