Transfer Digital Records

University departments and private donors can send digital records to the Archives using SFU MoveIt, a desktop utility developed at SFU to facilitate digital transfer.

Quick reference:

1. Request a Digital Transfer Account (online request form). On approval, the Archives will create a deposit folder for you on SFU Vault. 

2. Download SFU MoveIt, the Archives' file packaging utility; read the Transfer Procedures for more information about how to use the application.

3. Identify records that are ready for transfer: university records must be covered by a Records Retention Schedule and Disposal Authority (RRSDA) that provides for archival transfer; non-university records must be covered by an existing donation agreement.

4. Use SFU MoveIt to package your digital records and create a transfer package for deposit.

5. Upload the transfer package to your deposit folder on SFU Vault.

6. An archivist will review and validate the transfer and notify you by email when the deposit has been finalized; retain the Transfer Completed Notice for your records.

7. On receipt of the Transfer Completed Notice you should delete the records that you deposited. Deletion ensures that:

  • You will not unintentionally re-send the same records at a later date.
  • You are in compliance with the applicable RRSDA.
  • You minimize the risk of unauthorized access, use or disclosure of personal or confidential information contained in the records.

8. The Transfer Completed Notice includes a list of all files included in the transfer and the Accession Number assigned to it. Refer to this when requesting access to files previously transferred. The Archives will need to know the name of the file and the transfer Accession Number. 

Digital Transfer Account

A transfer account gives you access to a deposit folder on SFU Vault. Complete the online form to request an account.

Request form

SFU MoveIt

Open-source utility that prepares your files for transfer using the BagIt File Packaging Format.

App information

App download page

Transfer procedures

Detailed instructions for transfer, with supporting documents.

Procedures (PRC-57)

Workflow diagram

Transfer checklist (producers)

Validation checklist (Archives)

Format Policy Registry (FPR)

Page last updated: June 1, 2020