Access To Information

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act gives the public a right of access to information in University records to which no exceptions apply. Normally, a formal access to information request is necessary only when requested information cannot be disclosed routinely by a department using existing channels and procedures. It is important for SFU employees to understand their obligations under the Act, to know how to respond to such requests, and to consult the Information and Privacy Officer when they believe the information cannot be disclosed.

The information in this section is provided to help employees better understand the procedure for handling a formal access to information request under the Act.

How to Access Archival Records Containing Personal Information

If you wish access to records held by the University Archives to do historical or statistical research and the records contain personal information, you may submit a Research Agreement requesting access to those records. See the section on Preparing to do Research in the Archives for more information. This procedure applies to historical records which have been transfered to the ownership and control of the Archives.