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Information Policies I10.01 through I10.10 in the SFU Policy Gazette

This includes the following University Policies:

  • Archives, Recorded Information Management, and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
  • Head of the Institution and Delegation of Authority under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Freedom of Information Fee Schedule
  • Access to Information and Protection of Privacy
  • Collection of Personal Information
  • FOI Requests that Create Conflict of Interest
  • Security of Facsimile Transmissions
  • Collection and Disclosure of Instructor and Course Evaluations
  • Retention and Disposal of Student Exams or Assignments
  • Confidentiality Policy


Collection Notice Templates
Use this template when collecting personal information from individuals for University purposes.

Consent to Collect Personal Information Indirectly from a Third Party
Use this form to gain permission from an individual to collect their personal information from a third party.

Notice to Referees - Confidentiality and Collection Notice
This text is to be used on letters requesting a professional or personal reference.

General Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement

Consent to Use Personal Information

Consent to Disclose Personal Information

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