Procedure for Transferring (Paper) Records to the University Records Centre

Departmental records that are still needed for conducting business but not for frequent consultation can be stored in the University Records Centre (URC) until their final disposition. Records transferred for storage in the URC remain under the control of the originating department until the total retention period of the records expires. This should not be confused with donating records to the Archives, which is a different procedure that applies to private organizations.

You need to:

  1. Identify the correct Records Retention Schedule and Disposal Authority (RRSDA or “Retention Schedule”) that applies to your records. 
  2. Correctly box your records.
  3. Create a file or inventory list.
  4. Complete a transfer form for each box being transferred.

Following these steps in the correct order minimizes delays and ensures boxes will be accepted for storage.

Steps to a successful transfer:

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Electronic File Management

Increasingly, files and records created in Departments exist only as electronic files. These records are important to the running of the University and to our historical record. SFU Records Retention Schedules and Disposal Authorities apply equally to Departmental electronic records. This means that electronic records need to be deleted or transferred to the archives once they reach their total retention period.