SFU Personal Information Bank (PIB)
Impound Files

Title of PIB

Impound Files

Location of PIB (Department)

Campus Security Department

Types of personal information in the PIB

Name (of vehicle owner/operator), address, telephone number, driver's license number, student/employee ID number, individual account number (from a parking management database), vehicle description information (colour, make, model), and license plate number and expiry date.

Purpose for which personal information obtained / compiled and used / disclosed

Information is collected to verify the identity of the individual to whom the vehicle is released (i.e., the driver or registered owner), to ensure they do not have any other outstanding infractions, and to process payment.

Individuals using personal information or to whom it is disclosed

Traffic and Parking Enforcement Supervisor, Patrol Operations Secretary, Patrol Supervisors, Security Dispatcher and contract security, Stores Clerk, Parking Clerks, and Systems Consultant.

Individuals included in PIB

Members of the University community, including students, staff and faculty. Members of the general public who visit the University.

Legal authority for the collection and use of personal information

University Act (RSBC 1996, c. 468).
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RSBC 1996, c. 165).
SFU Policy AD 1-3, Traffic and Parking Regulations.
Traffic/Parking Enforcement: Wheel Locks/Towing (SFU Campus Security S.O.P. No. 16.05; 22 Nov. 2004).
Traffic/Parking Enforcement: Processing Traffic Offence Payments (SFU Campus Security S.O.P. No. 16.11; 28 Nov. 2007).

Applicable Records Retention Schedule and Dispoal Authority (RRSDA)

RRSDA 2009-007

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