SFU Records Retention Schedule and Disposal Authority (RRSDA)
Centres and Institutes Files

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RRSDA number


Record series

Centres and Institutes Files

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR)

Vice-President Research, Office of the

Retention periods

Records Active retention (in office) Semi-active (records centre) Total retention Final disposition
VP Research SO when charter revoked or centreclosed + 6 years Nil SO when charter revoked or centreclosed + 6 years Full Retention by Archives

CY = Current calendar year; CFY = Current fiscal year; CS = Current semester; S/O = Superseded or obsolete; OPR = Office of Primary Responsibility; Non-OPR = All other departments.

Description, purpose and use of records

Correspondence, applications for university charter, university charters, summary activity reports, financial statements, centres and institutes constitutions, statements of recognition of university policies, statements of internal governing procedures, annual reports, proposals for Centres and Institutes pending, calendar entries for the SFU Calendar which describe each Centre and Institute and working papers.

These records relate to the application for and approval of university charters for research centres and institutes at SFU. Centres and institutes are non-departmental academic or administrative units developed under the auspices of SFU to facilitate collaborative research and specific types of teaching. They are established by a university charter, application for which is reviewed by the Governing Committee for Centres. Charters are granted at the discretion of the Board of Governors upon a recommendation from the President. Charters continue in force until revoked by the President.


RRSDA is in force.

Approved by the University Archivist: 26 Sep 1995

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