SFU Records Retention Schedule and Disposal Authority (RRSDA)
Board of Governors Minutes

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RRSDA number


Record series

Board of Governors Minutes

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR)

Board of Governors

Retention periods

Records Active retention (in office) Semi-active (records centre) Total retention Final disposition
University Secretariat CY+ 15 years nil CY+ 15 years Full Retention by Archives
Copies in all other departments S/O when no longer needed Nil S/O when no longer needed Destruction

CY = Current calendar year; CFY = Current fiscal year; CS = Current semester; S/O = Superseded or obsolete; OPR = Office of Primary Responsibility; Non-OPR = All other departments.

Description, purpose and use of records

Original agendas and minutes.

These are the official minutes of all Board of Governors meetings including open, closed and confidential sessions of the Board. Open sessions are open to all members of the University community and the public; closed sessions are restricted to Board members, the Board secretary, the Vice-Presidents group, the Director, Media and Public Relations and anyone else who has the permission of the Board Chair to attend; confidential sessions are restricted to Board members, the Secretary of the Board and anyone else who has the permission of the Board Chair to attend.

These records are used to document all deliberations of the Board including the passage of motions and resolutions and the approval of governing decisions.

The Board minutes include an annual index which is filed at the beginning of the minutes for that year.

Retention and filing guidelines

When original Board minutes are drafted, approved and signed one set is reproduced by the University Secretariat and sent to the Archives for storage as a vital record.

Copies of Board minutes circulated to university departments for information purposes should be retained only as long as needed by the department, then destroyed.


RRSDA is in force.

Approved by the University Archivist: 6 Feb 1998

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