SFU Records Retention Schedule and Disposal Authority (RRSDA)
Service Provider Records

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RRSDA number


Record series

Service Provider Records

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR)

Centre for Students with Disabilities

Retention periods

Records Active retention (in office) Semi-active (records centre) Total retention Final disposition
Service Provider Records CFY + 1 yr. Nil CFY + 1 yr. Destruction

CY = Current calendar year; CFY = Current fiscal year; CS = Current semester; S/O = Superseded or obsolete; OPR = Office of Primary Responsibility; Non-OPR = All other departments.

Description, purpose and use of records

Records relating to both professional and non-professional service providers. Professional services include those provided by sign language interpreters and captioning service vendors. Non-professional services include those provided by students as notetakers, tutors and exam proctors. All of these services are aimed at providing academic accommodation to students with disabilities. No employer/employee relationship exists between the University and the providers in connection with the provision of these services.

Records may include but are not limited to invoices, cheque requisitions, Independent Contractor Agreements (ICAs), e-mail correspondence, student service provider application forms, and spreadsheets.

Payment for the above service providers is managed by Accounts Payable and it is the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) for records documenting all payments made. Copies of ICAs, invoices, and cheque requisitions found in the Centre for Students with Disabilities are, therefore, Non-OPR copies and can be disposed of in accordance with RRSDA 1995-001, Accounts Payable Transaction Files.

See also: RRSDA 2004-003, Student Disability Case Files RRSDA 2004-004, Special Arrangement Records This record series is a Personal Information Bank (PIB). Click here for the PIB description.

Personal Information Bank (PIB)

This series is a Personal Information Bank; click here for PIB description.


These records are created, used, retained and managed in accordance with the following authorities:

Retention rationale

The FOI / POP Act (RSBC 1996, c. 165, s. 31) requires that personal information used to make a decision that directly affects an individual must be retained for at least one year.

Retention and filing guidelines

Records are maintained in binders, in files and in electronic form.

The CSD should retain the records in-office for the full retention period (CFY + 1 yr.) rather than send them to the University Records Centre (URC) for semi-active storage. The CSD is responsible for their destruction at the expiration of their total retention period. The records contain personal information and must be destroyed by confidential shredding; contact Facilities Management to make arrangements. The CSD staff are also responsible for deleting any records maintained in electronic form at the expiration of the total retention period (e.g. spreadsheets, e-mail correspondence, etc.).


RRSDA is in force.

Approved by the University Archivist: 24 Dec 2004

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