SFU Records Retention Schedule and Disposal Authority (RRSDA)
Calendar Files

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Record series

Calendar Files

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR)

Student Services

Retention periods

Records Active retention (in office) Semi-active (records centre) Total retention Final disposition
Calendar Files CY + 4 years Nil CY + 4 years Destruction

CY = Current calendar year; CFY = Current fiscal year; CS = Current semester; S/O = Superseded or obsolete; OPR = Office of Primary Responsibility; Non-OPR = All other departments.

Description, purpose and use of records

Records relating to the compilation of information for the annual Simon Fraser University Calendar. The Calendar contains program and course descriptions, university regulations, academic and campus services information, admissions and financial aid information, an academic calendar of events, and a list of governing bodies and faculty.

Records include Calendar page proofs with edits and related documentation and correspondence. These records document deletions and additions made from the previous year's Calendar, and include changes approved by Senate and changes approved by the Registrar, the Calendar editor and the editorial assistant.

Files are arranged primarily according to year of Calendar publication. The files within a publication year are arranged by faculty, department, program or other Calendar sections in the order in which they appear in the Calendar.


These records are created, used, retained and managed in accordance with the following authorities:

Retention rationale

The previous year's Calendar proofs and related records are frequently referenced during the drafting and compilation of the current Calendar. A total retention period of "CY + 4 years" provides a reasonable timeframe during which queries regarding alterations to Calendar content can be made and answered. Substantive changes to calendar content are documented in the minutes of Senate and its committes, but often changes (deletions/additions) occur following Senate and commitee meetings and these records provide evidence of those changes.

Retention and filing guidelines


All files should have the year of calendar publication on the top right corner of the file label. All files relating to the same calendar should be stored together.


At the end of the total retention period (CY + 4 years) the records are to be destroyed by confidential shredding. Contact Facilities Management to make arrangements.


RRSDA is in force.

Approved by the University Archivist: 21 Sep 2007

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