About OFFA

The Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA)'s Mandate

The Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA)’s mission is to coordinate, promote and provide support to the development of programs and courses offered in French at Simon Fraser University (SFU). OFFA also organizes cultural and scientific activities within the community to promote a plural and inclusive Francophonie

Our Vision

OFFA is a leader in the growth and development of post-secondary education in French in British Columbia.

Our Values

  • Promotion of the francophonie
    OFFA and SFU builds constructive and strategic partnerships provincially, nationally and internationally to promote a pluralistic and inclusive francophonie.

  • Service leadership
    OFFA provides support to SFU faculties and departments to contribute to the success of its course and program offerings in French.

  • Responsible management
    OFFA is accountable and transparent with respect to stakeholders.

  • Rich and unique student experience
    OFFA provides students with the structure and guidance to help them succeed at the highest level. OFFA also organizes many activities and opportunities for students to enhance their university experience.

  • Community engagement
    OFFA develops and maintains many partnerships with the community, encourages and facilitates student engagement and participation in community life and in activities offered in French. OFFA also organizes events allowing members of the community to get together and celebrate the francophonie.

  • Innovation in teaching and leading-edge research
    OFFA and SFU aspire to become world leaders in the transfer and dissemination of knowledge and to be recognized for their ability to benefit society by providing quality education and to incorporate new and innovative ideas.

Who do we serve?

  • Students enrolled in courses and programs taught in French at SFU
  • Faculties offering courses and programs in French at SFU
  • The community

Our Partners

OFFA is jointly funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage and the BC Ministry of Education under the bilateral agreement “Canada-British Columbia Agreement on Minority Language Education and Second Official Language Instruction.”