Gourmet Route

The Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs and the Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique are pleased to invite you to the Printemps de la Francophonie's Gourmet Route!

With the Gourmet Route, you can discover restaurants, cafés and pastry shops of the international Francophonie throughout the month of March.

By visiting participating establishments, not only will you discover their gastronomic offerings, but you will also have the chance to win prizes through a contest!

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How do I enter the contest?

To enter the contest, you will need to take a photo of your dish or moment while visiting one of the participating establishments (see list below). Once you share your photo on Instagram with the #parcoursgourmandpdlf and tagging @lasdecb and @sfubaff, you will get an entry to enter the contest!

At the end of March, 5 winners will each win a gift card to a franco gourmet establishment.

Enjoy your meal!

Establishments to discover!

Cheffanie, backyard table

 1420 Fitzgerald Ave, Courtenay, V9N 2S2

It started with a food truck and it evolved to a line of take-out, ready-to-serve meals. After being in British Columbia for more than 20 years, I got the desire to settle in the Comox Valley to be part of a small welcoming community that brings me values of sharing and mutual aid.

Featured item in March

CRETONS, a typical Quebecois spread, between a rillette and a pâté, delectable at any time of the day, on crackers or toasted baguette.

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salade de fruits cafe inc


 1545 W. 7th avenue, Vancouver, v6g 1s1

Salade de Fruits was the first restaurant to do mussels and fries in Vancouver. No one believed in it! It started in 1995 with À table and then with Salade de fruits in 1999, in Centre culturel francophone and... we are still here 24 years later! Our product is local, and wasn't too popular at the time. But now, other establishments suggests a similar offering… But we have a saying in French: toujours copié, mais jamais égalé (always copied, but never equaled). Our fries and our mayonnaise are homemade & all the products at Salade the fruits are, fresh, homemade and of premium quality!

Featured item in March

Mussels and regular fries

Sustainable practices:

We have an effective recycling and composting system in place. We only buy fresh products, without transformation.

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Salmon N Bannock

 7-1128 West Broadway, Vancouver B.C. V6H 1G5 & YVR airport

We are Vancouver's only Indigenous owned and operated restaurant. We use the traditional ingredients that our Grandmothers and Grandfathers used before us. We use these authentic flavours to create wonderful and delicious modern dishes.

Featured Item in March:

Open Faced Bison Sandwich.

Sustainable practices:

We shop local and keep our ingredients seasonal and local as well. We also do our best to reduce waste and plastic use by using compostable containers and cutlery, paper bags, and we repurpose as much food as we can.

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La Belle Patate

  1215 DAVIE ST, Vancouver, BC, V6E1N4 

La Belle Patate is proud to make authentic Québécois cuisine that even the most proud Francophone would approve of (plus we ensure that their curds always have that fresh squeak). At this location our poutines come with an endless array of toppings to make your mouth water, actually we have 38 variety of Poutine. We also serve Montréal smoked meat sandwiches and authentic steamed hotdogs that would do any Canadian hungry man (or woman) proud.

Featured item in March

Traditionnal Poutine & steamed hot-dog

sustainable practices

We have a recycling and composting system in place.

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Coquette Brasserie

 2685, Arbutus Street, Vancouver, BC, V6J 3Y4 

La Brasserie Coquette was born on July 8, 2021. Vancouver's newest French restaurant, inspired by Parisian brasseries, is a happy medium between bistro cuisine and quality service offered by a young and passionate team. Celebrating local suppliers and the traditions of French cuisine, Coquette serves a variety of seasonal dishes rooted in French classics. In addition to serving your taste buds, Coquette wants to bring a social dynamic south of Kitsilano. A place where you can come all day just for a coffee or a glass of wine but also enjoy musical evenings offered every other Thursday.

Featured Item in March:

Bavette et Frites, sauce au poivre

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