Summer Institute: Identity and Interaction in L2

French isn't your first or dominant language? 

Are you nervous sometimes when you speak French with your Francophone colleagues? Would you like to gain more confidence in French and inspire that same confidence in your students?

This series of 4 half-day online workshops is for you!

While practicing your French in a safe and supportive environment, you will discover strategies to overcome the challenges of a L2 identity, both for yourself as a teacher and for your students.

Presented by Monica Tang



  • Dates: July 19 to 22, 2021
  • Time: 9:30am to 12:00pm
  • Target audience: French Immersion and Core French Teachers
  • Levels A2 / B1 / B2


Registration Fees

  • $50 for a serie of 4 two and a half hour workshops 

Register before July 12! Places are limited!

Note : The series is designed as a 4-day workshop (and not as 4 individual workshops) so it is preferable to participate in all 4 sessions.


Nathalie Walsh
Coordinator - Provincial Network for Teachers of French Programs in BC

Monica teaches in French Immersion and French is her third language. She just completed a doctorate at SFU's Faculty of Education on the subject of identity construction of bilingual teachers, an important issue that she takes to heart!  She currently works at SFU in the Professional Development Program French Module with student teachers and in Graduate Studies (Graduate Diploma in Education) with inservice teachers.