Dual Program


We are pleased to announce that we will be offering the Dual Program 2023-2024.  If you are interested in participating in this program and have been admitted to the PDP – French module starting in September 2023, you will find the information required to submit your application below.

The deadline to submit your application is April 15, 2023.

Partnership between SFU and the Université de Tours

The Dual Program allows students, under certain conditions, to obtain both the BC Teaching Certificate and the Master en Didactique du Français langue étrangère (FLE) from the Université de Tours (UT).

Students in the Dual Program will gain specific knowledge in teaching French as foreign language by taking graduate-level courses at the Faculté des Lettres et Langues de l'Université de Tours during the first semester in the Fall.  In addition, to meet the requirements for the first PDP term (EDUC 400), students must complete two online modules on Indigenous perspectives and inclusion.  Once students successfully complete the first term in Tours, the credits are transfered towards EDUC 400 at SFU.  

The courses offered in France require that students possess very good knowledge of the French language.  Participants are generally required to possess the DELF B2 or higher.

First semester of the PDP in Tours, France, followed by three PDP semesters at SFU and six months for the mémoire

  • Semester at UT Tours (September to December): Courses at the UT and two online modules with SFU for the PDP-French Module (EDUC 400), tuition fees paid to SFU
  • Semester at SFU (January to April): PDP-French Module, EDUC 401/402 and EDUC 380 (additional mandatory course), tuition fees paid to SFU
  • Semester at SFU (May to August): PDP-French Module, EDUC 404, tuition fees paid to SFU
  • Semester at SFU (September to December): PDP-French Module, EDUC 405, tuition fees paid to SFU and enrolment in the Master at the UT
  • Semester completed remotely at UT (January to June): To complete the Master remotely (mémoire professionnel) , enrolment at and tuition fees paid to the UT 

Upon successful completion, students obtain the BC Teaching Certificate and the Master français.

Note : All of the semesters and the mémoire count towards the M2, not only the semester in Tours and the mémoire.  The semester in Tours can only be completed from September to December and cannot be completed during any other semester. The credits are transfered as EDUC 400.  This semester must be successfully completed in order to enroll in the following semester of PDP.


Academic advantages

  • option of obtaining the Master from France in teaching French as a Foreign Language
    Master Dual Program in Tours
  • observations in classrooms in schools or institutions where French is taught
  • excellent theory component which complements the practical component of the PDP

Professional advantages

  • excellent addition to your resume: experience in a different education system and different culture
  • job opportunities in language schools in Canada as well as in France and elsewhere in the world (Alliances françaises and Instituts français)

Personal advantages

  • live in a historical region in France, rich in culture and traditions
  • explore other Francophone countries in Europe
  • experience a daily immersion in French language and culture
  • possibility for a bursary from the Université de Tours
  • university residences and meals at student rates

Université de Tours

You will experience a stimulating life as a student at the Université de Tours in a city that offers a great quality of life. Tours is situated in the Val de Loire, less than 1 hour away from Paris by the TGV, and is a lively cosmopolitain city.

Take a virtual tour of the city of Tours.

Tours, a historical center for education
History has recorded that Tours has often been an active center for education. Medicine has traditionally been taught in Tours since the Gallo-Roman time in the III and  IV centuries.  Gatien, bishop of the city Caesarodunum, founded a medical academy. In the high middle ages, medicine was being taught in an Episcopal school, then in the convents, notably in the Abbaye de Marmoutier on the right bank of the Loire river, where patients came from afar. At the times of Charlemagne, bishop Alcuin founded the École de Rhétorique in Tours, the distant ancestor of education in literature and philosophy.

Touraine - cultural pole of the Renaissance
At the end of the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance, Touraine, which was the 'Vallée des Rois' (Valley of the Kings), was the place where illustrious writers, musicians and clerks gathered and it became the cultural pole of the Renaissance. The Touraine is the homeland or adoptive land to Rabelais, Ronsard, Michel Colombe, Léonard de Vinci, then to Descartes, de Vigny, Balzac and Anatole France.

Admission criteria

  • Bachelor degree, preferably studies in French (major, minor or equivalent)
  • Candidates must be admitted to the PDP French Module
  • French Language requirement: Minimum DELF B2


The application will be available online via SurveyMonkey Apply and must include:

  • an application form
  • a letter of intent

The deadline to submit your application is April 15, 2023.  After the deadline, please contact us to see spots are still available.

For any questions, please contact the PPS Admissions office:

Education Building 8630
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 1S6

Attention: Applicants must be eligible for and admitted to the PDP - French Module. Admission deadlines to the PDP and the SFU general admission must be respected.

Candidate selection

The selection of candidates, determined by the French Education faculty, will be communicated to students by email.


For the first 16 months of the program, tuition and fees are paid to the home university.  The tuition and fees are the same as for the PDP, approximately $12,000 for domestic students.

Students who participate in the Dual Program must complete an additional course EDUC 380 (4 credits) during the session EDUC 401/402 and tuition fees are to be paid to SFU.

To complete the Master from the UT, students must register directly with the UT for the Mémoire professionnel  (January to June) in September during the EDUC 405 session.  Tuition fees for this session are paid to the UT (approximately 243 euros).

Students are responsible for their own airfaire and transport costs, residence and personal expenses.

More information

Students must apply for a student visa. 

Students must comply to the host university's regulations and prove that they are worthy to represent their home university as best as possible.



  • Email:
  • Tel: 778-782-3559
  • PPS Admissions Office
    Education Building 8630
    8888 University Drive
    Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 1S6