French Cohort Program

What FCP students are saying...

The French Cohort Program delivers a unique post-secondary experience, with lots of support for students, tons of activities, and courses in both History and Political Sciences taught in French! In the long run, the program will allow me to become highly resourceful in French, regardless of which career I turn towards once I complete my studies.
- Mariessa P.

I chose the FCP because it’s a program that resembles me in many ways. It’s a good mix of bilingualism and political science, all in a cozy and familiar setting. It’s like being part of a big family, which is rare for most programs at a big university! 
- Célia S.

I am also very grateful for the opportunities I have had to develop strong professional relationships with my professors. I consider them very important mentors in my personal and professional development.
- Nick P.

Meeting so many people my age that are passionate about French was an enlightening experience and definitely made me feel a part of this community!
- Sophie C.