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Dr. Arne Mooers
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Professor, SFU Biological Sciences
Dr. Arne Mooers, Associate Professor
Biodiversity, Phylogeny & Evolutionary Heritage
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Office: 778-782-3979 Room B8242
Lab: 778-782-4649 Room B9227 Contact Biology Department
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Current Research Program:

We (me, my students and close colleagues) are very interested in explaining patterns of biodiversity. My primary training is in looking for patterns among species, using a phylogenetic perspective (a phylogeny is just a family tree of species). I am interested in the traits or situations that increase the number of species in a group, either because they speciate more rapidly, or because those that are produced last longer before they go extinct. This second aspect has immediate practical relevance, given the number of species currently being lost. I am also interested in how species form, and specifically how sexual selection and mate choice might affect the process.

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