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Dr. Ronald C. Ydenberg
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Professor, SFU Biological Sciences
Dr. Ronald C. Ydenberg, Professor
Behavioural Ecology
B.Sc. Simon Fraser University
D.Phil. Oxford University, England

Office: 778-782-4282 Room B8155
Lab: 778-782-3988 Room B8229 Contact Us
Selected Publications Behavioural Ecology Research Group
Centre for Wildlife Ecology

Current Research Program:

I am interested in a wide variety of problems in behavioural ecology. Current field projects include studies of breeding seabirds at Triangle Island, and in the Creston Valley, both in British Columbia. Together with theoretical work, these projects are run collaboratively with my graduate students, my colleagues in the department and at other universities. My work is also applying behavioural ecology to phenomena such as diving behaviour, territoriality, foraging behaviour, the analysis of metabolic rate, population dynamics, and colony organization of social insects.

Begging Model

Waiting times of individual gray jays, in relation to rate (TR*) and efficiency-maximizing (T*E). Dots are measurements of individuals tested in summer, squares are measurements of the same individuals tested again in winter. Open squares are individuals tested only in winter. All individuals shift toward efficient behavior in winter.