Financial Information

All graduate students pay tuition fees upon registration each semester, according to the fee schedule set by the University. The most current fee information is available from the Dean of Graduate Studies. International students pay the same rate as domestic students. This fee decreases after 6 semesters for Masters and 8 semesters for Doctoral students.

Financial Support

The Department of Biological Sciences normally provides funding for graduate students according to the Department of Biological Sciences Graduate Student Funding Policy.
Financial arrangements are negotiated between the graduate student and proposed senior supervisor as part of the process of applying and being accepted to the Department. For students who are not major scholarship holders (e.g., NSERC, CIHR), financial support is generally provided by a combination of Departmental teaching assistantships, SFU graduate fellowships, and research assistantships from the senior supervisor's research grants, contingent on funding. For example, a student may hold a teaching assistantship for one semester, a graduate fellowship for the second semester, and be financed from the supervising professor's research grant for the third semester. During any semester in which available support from teaching assistantship, scholarship, scholarship or graduate fellowships is less than 1/3 of the yearly salary, senior supervisors are expected to provide the difference from their research grants.
Students who hold major awards, such as an NSERC post-graduate scholarship or a C.D. Nelson entrance scholarship, have lower priority for funds administered by the Department. Once such awards expire, they will have normal eligibility.
Teaching Assistants
The Department offers teaching assistantships (TAships) on a competitive basis to qualified graduate students to help the Department run laboratory and tutorial classes. TAships are awarded each semester depending on the teaching requirements of the Department.  A full TAship consists of 210 hours (42 hours x 5 base units) per semester for class time, course preparation and grading laboratory notebooks or tutorial papers for exams. TAships enable students to gain important experience in teaching as well as to extend their knowledge of biology.
Support from Research Grants
Before a student is accepted into a MSc or PhD program, a senior supervisor must agree to provide at least 1/2 of the guaranteed minimum stipend from research grants, in the event that funding is not obtained from other sources.
Graduate Fellowships (GF)
Graduate Fellowships are offered by the Dean of Graduate Studies to full-time students in any SFU graduate program. Awards are made on the basis of academic merit; the normal minimum criterion for eligibility is a CGPA of 3.5. These are one-semester awards valued at $6,500.00. We encourage students to apply for graduate fellowships, the application deadline is 15 April.