for Current Graduate Students

Payroll and Student Services

When do I get paid?  Payday is every second Friday (i.e. bi-weekly, not semi-monthly).  This means there are 26.0893 pay periods in a year, or just over 8.5 pay periods in a semester.  If you have been quoted a pay rate on a different timeframe (i.e. semesterly or monthly), first convert to an annual rate, then divide by 26.0893 to arrive at your bi-weekly pay. Example:  $7000/semester x 3 semesters/year = $21,000/year.  $21,000/26.0893 = $804.93.

Have you moved or changed your bank account?  Don't forget you need to change your address in BOTH myInfo and goSFU.

Looking for T4A's?  Don't forget to look in myInfo (RAships and TAships) AND goSFU (GF's and other scholarships).

Tuition Fees:  Tuition fees are due at the start of the semester and must be paid by the due date established by Student Services in order to avoid late fees.  The one exception is when you are a TA.  Graduate Student TAs may pay their tuition via payroll deduction but only in those semesters in which you TA.  You will receive additional information about tuition deduction when you're assigned a TAship.

Services and Support for International Students

Are you going to a conference or doing field research?

Talk to your supervisor about getting a Cash Advance.  It's easy and although you still have to complete an expense claim and submit all your receipts when you return, at least you're not out of pocket until then.   ($250 minimum)

Have you purchased things for which you need a reimbursement?

  • <$50 - Complete a Petty Cash Reimburement form (available from the Biology General Office front desk).
  • >$50 - Complete an Online Expense Report.

Do you need to buy something for the lab or your research project?

Check out our Payment Services, Payroll and Purchasing Information Portal for more information.

Biology Graduate Student Caucus

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