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Grant Administration

Contact emails for NSERC:

Use of Grant Funds (e.g. is a potential expediture NSERC eligible?)

Major Research Sponsor Links

Update my Publications

Click here to update the publications database (which allows for selected publications and links to download, etc.).  Faculty members, grad students and research assistants may all use this database.  Requires CAS login.

Grantees as Employers

When you hire someone on your research grant, you become their employer and, as such, are responsible for following these SFU Policies and government regulations:

Hiring FAQs

What do I need to do to put someone on payroll?

We need some basic information to put anyone on payroll:

Forms to be completed by the employee (see links on our Payment, Payroll and Purchasing Information Portal or hard copies are available from the Biology General Office:

  • Personal Data Form (they will need to attach bank account verification for direct deposit)
  • TD1 (optional)
  • TD1BC (optional)

In addition, non-Canadians must supply a copy of their:

  • work/study permit
  • SIN receipt showing the expiration date

Hiring information:

This can simply be an email from you to the Manager, Administrative Services with the following information:

  • name of employee
  • start date
  • end date
  • pay rate (can be expressed as hourly, bi-weekly, semesterly or annual rate)
  • number of hours worked (if part time but not hourly)
  • type of appointment (hourly, bi-weekly, lump sum)
  • project number

How do I determine pay rates?

  • You can appoint people based on an hourly, bi-weekly, monthly, semesterly or annual rate of pay.  We'll do the math for you, but you should understand the following:
  • SFU is on a bi-weekly pay system.  This means there are 26.0893 pay periods in the year (the fractional amount is to account for leap year).  If you want to pay someone $1000/month - they will receive approximately $459.96/pay, not $500/pay.
  • You are required by law to pay at least minimum wage.  This is why we need the number of hours worked. 
  • Full time is assumed to be 70 hours bi-weekly.


Do you have questions not answered on this page or need clarification or more detailed information on one of the topics?

  •  Contact the Manager, Administrative Services (biscmas'at' 778-782-3292)
  • Mike Cheng, Financial Assistant (biscfina'at' 778-782-3412)

Information specific to hiring of:

Postdoctoral Fellows

The Dean of Graduate Studies and Postdoctorals Fellows has created an excellent website with all the information and links you need including:

  • Postdoc Registration Form (required for all Postdocs)
  • Hiring an internation postdoc

They also have a lot of information for your Postdocs including resources and blog posts.

These links are also available on our Information Portal for Postdoctoral Fellows.

Graduate Students

Lots of useful information and links (including links to the Graduate Student Funding Policy) can be found on our Information Portal for Graduate Students.

Graduate students are unique in that while are appointed on a research grant doing work towards their thesis, they are paid scholarship income (not employment income).  This means:

  • no CPP, EI or WCB premioms to pay
  • tax is not deducted from their income (i.e. if you pay them $7k, they receive $7k)

While they are not covered by WCB, they are covered by SFU's liability coverage that is in place for all students doing course work at the University.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Undergraduate Research Assistants are considered employees and are essentially the same as non-student research assistants except that foreign students are permitted to work on campus under their study permits.

Non-Student Research Assistants/Research Technicians

  • Foreign Workers - All non-Canadians must be legally entitled to work in Canada prior to being put on payroll.  If you are considering hiring a foreign worker, you will need to consult a Registered Immigration Professional (there are some in the International Students' Office as well as Dean of Grad Studies).
  • Non-Discretionary Benefits - All non-student appointments will require you to pay employer's portion of premiums for CPP, EI and WCB.  Approximately 7% on top of the salary amount will be charged to your grant.
  • Discretionary Benefits - You may provide benefits such as MSP, Extended Health and Dental benefits ONLY IF the funding agency allows.  Tri-Council does not allow discretionary benefits.  If allowed, 1/2 the premiums will be charged to the grant in addition to the 7% for non-discretionary benefits.  Costs can vary depending on the individual, but would typically be an additional 2%-5% on top of the 7% for non-discretionary benefits.

Hourly Employees

Appoint someone as an hourly employee if they don't have a regular schedule or if the number of hours they will work is unpredictable from pay period to pay period.

Hourly employees must submit their hours on-line each pay period (links are on the Payroll Information Portal).  They will be sent instructions via email on how to do this and you will be sent a report showing the hours they hare reported.  Check these reports and if you feel they are incorrect, contact the employee and biscfina'at' immediately.