Safety and Access Control

Safety Resources

Call 24500 - In Case of Emergency on Campus

Security will call 911 (if necessary) and dispatch security staff to meet any emergency vehicles at the entrance to campus and guide them to your location.  Calling 911 directly wastes valuable time because police/fire/ambulance are unable to quickly find locations on campus.

Safety & Risk Services:

  • Campus Security
  • Reporting an Incident Emergency and Continuity Planning (including Earthquake Preparedness, travel during winter conditions, etc.)
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Program & Policy Development
  • Risk Management

Faculty of Science Safety

Door Hazard Signage

Road Report

Access Control  

Biology Department Key Requests

All key requests in the Biology Department are made to the biological sciences reception by the supervisor of the individual requiring the key. Requests will be accepted in person or by e-mail (

Key requests will not be processed without this approval. Note that if the request is for an area that is not under the jurisdiction of the supervisor then approval from the person responsible for the room will also be required.

Requesting a Key

The biological sciences receptionist will complete a key form when a request is received. This is submitted to the SFU Access Control Dept and requires the following information before the form will be submitted:

1)   Name of recipient (as found on SFU ID)

2)   Designation of recipient (i.e. grad student, post-doc, etc.,)

3)   SFU 9 digit student ID Number

4)   SFU e-mail of recipient

5)   Exact room number for which the key is being requested.

Once a key request is submitted, the receptionist will e-mail the key recipient and supervisor with details of when, where and what time the key can be picked up, (similar to the details provided in the template below.)

Auto Reply Access Control

Our expected turn around time for key/card/fob requisition is three (3) business days.

Come to room 1300 in the Discovery 1 building to pick up your key/s at least 3 full business days after the request has been submitted or anytime within 30 days. Hours are 845-345.

Bring a photo ID and funds to cover your refundable deposit fee (and service charge, if applicable).  We accept cash, debit, Visa and MasterCard.

Note: We hold the key requisition for the current semester, after week 4 of the following semester we will audit unclaimed requisitions before returning the key to inventory. If the key is still required, you need to submit a new requisition.

For urgent access issues contact the non-emergency dispatch number at 778-782-3100.

Key Charges

Access Control will charge a deposit for each key of $20 up to a maximum of $100 and a service charge of $10 for cutting the key.  All key recipients are responsible for the cost of the deposit. The Dept will cover the service charge for Staff, Faculty, grad students and Post Doc’s only.

Access Control Office

A campus map with the location of the Access Control Office in the Discovery 1 Building (DISC 1) is available.

Further information regarding Access Control can be found here.

*Lost or missing keys

If you have lost your key please report this to the Safety and Risk Services counter (DISCOVERY 1 room 1300) where an incident report (IR) will be generated and you will be provided with an IR number.  This must be done before Access Control will issue new keys to replace those that have been lost.

If you want to replace the lost key, a replacement form will need to first be submitted by the Manager, Laboratory Operations (, and will follow the “Requesting a Key” process as above. The replacement key will take approximately 2 days to process and can then be collected Access Control office.  Appropriate picture identification, the IR number, and money to cover key replacement fees will be required.

*Duplicate Keys

The currently policy of the Access Control Dept is that duplicate keys will not be issued. Keys will only be issued once in any given individuals name. Any requests for duplicate keys will, therefore, not be processed as a consequence of this.

If you have any further questions or comments pertaining to Key Requests please feel free to contact the Manager, Laboratory Operations at 778-782-3301 or