Les Ecologistes

'Les Ecol' presents lunch time seminar talks of general ecological and evolutionary interest, Thursdays 12:30-13:30 in B9242. (Unless noted*)

*In fall 2021, Les Ecologistes talks will be given over ZOOM. The login for this semester is below.


Meeting ID: 616 7237 9857
Password: 975054 

Date Speaker Affiliation Talk Title
23-Sept-21 Bernie Crespi
Biological Sciences, SFU Batural Selection: The Evolutionary Ecology of SARS-CoV-2
The following links provide some background reading to Dr. Crespi's talk:
7-Oct-21 Krista De Groot
Environment and Climate Change Canada Seasonal patterns of bird mortality and species vulnerable to collisions with buildings on the West Coast
28-Oct-21 Wade VanderWright Biological Sciences, SFU Gill slits provide a window into the respiratory physiology of sharks
4-Nov-21 Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor School of Resource and Environmental Management, SFU Enabling conditions for a Blue Economy
11-Nov-21 Samantha Sherman Biological Sciences, SFU Diversity, Abundance, and Distribution of Rays on Tropical Coral Reefs
18-Nov-21 Joey Bernhardt Zoology, UBC Towards a coherent and mechanistic science of global change: from cells to ecosystems and human well-being
25-Nov-21 Devin DeZwaan Centre for Applied Conservation Research, UBC Coping strategies of alpine birds in response to environmental stressors across the annual cycle
2-Dec-21 Asim Renyard Biological Sciences, SFU Bimodal pheromone and vibratory alarm communication in Western carpenter ants
9-Dec-21 Michael Price Biological Sciences, SFU Centennial-scale impacts of climate, fishing, and enhancement on Skeena River sockeye salmon

Spring 2020

16-Jan-20 Ron Ydenberg Attack of the Dutch killer muskrats
Starts at 12:00pm
Kate Fremlin Ecological Impacts and Risks of Rodenticides to Owls in North Vancouver
30-Jan-20 Scott Flemming Unravelling the indirect and cascading effects of hyperabundant geese on Arctic-nesting shorebirds
06-Feb-20 Rémi Matthey-Doret Background selection and FST: Consequences for detecting local adaptation / Plasticity and Developmental Robustness
13-Feb-20 Norah Brown Ecological responses to ocean acidification
27-Feb-20 Elijah Reyes The coevolution of dispersal and resource traits in multi-resource landscapes
05-Mar-20 Andrew Simon Biodiversity beyond boundaries: networking biodiversity projects in the Salish Sea
12-Mar-20 Debora Obrist Islands fed by the sea: how marine-derived nutrients affect terrestrial bird ecology
19-Mar-20 Asim Renyard & Jaime Chalissery There and back again: trail following behavior and foraging ecology of ants
26-Mar-20 Melissa Guzman Using occupancy models on pollination networks
02-Apr-20 David Moulton Examining the interplay of multiple stressors affecting migrating Fraser River sockeye salmon
09-Apr-20 Evan Hersh A clone together: exploring the causes and consequences of range divergence between sexual and asexual Easter Daisies
16-Apr-20 Kieran Cox Coastal Shellfish: Cultivation, Marine Subsidies, and Implications for Nearshore Biodiversity