Kieran Cox

Postdoctoral Fellow, Côté Lab

Areas of interest

Human-ecosystem interactions; Aquatic soundscapes; Intertidal resource cultivation; Marine biodiversity and global change


  • BSc 2015, University of Victoria
  • PhD 2021, University of Victoria

Selected Publications

  1. Cox, K. D., Davies, H. L., Davidson, K. H., Gerwing, T. G., Dudas, S. E., & Juanes, F. 2020. Shellfish subsidies along the Pacific coast of North America. Ecography, 43, 668-681.
  2. Cox, K. D., Covernton, G. A., Davies, H. L., Dower, J. F., Juanes, F., & Dudas, S. E. 2019. Human consumption of microplastics. Environmental Science & Technology, 53, 7068-7074.
  3. Cox, K., Brennan, L. P., Gerwing, T. G., Dudas, S. E., & Juanes, F. 2018. Sound the alarm: A meta‐analysis on the effect of aquatic noise on fish behavior and physiology. Global Change Biology, 24, 3105-3116.