Julian Christians

Professor, Associate Chair

Physiology & Genetics


  • BSc, Trent University
  • PhD, Simon Fraser University

Areas of Research

Research Interests

I am interested in the physiological and genetic mechanisms underlying phenotypic variation within species, i.e., variation in whole-organism traits such as size, fecundity and behaviour.
My previous work examined quantitative trait loci (QTL) affecting growth in mice, i.e., regions of the genome that contribute to continuous variation rather than major mutations that cause serious abnormalities.  In this work, we identified pregnancy-associated plasma protein A2 (PAPP-A2) as the gene responsible for one particular body size QTL.  My current work focuses on the roles of PAPP-A2 and related proteins in skeletal and placental development.  For more information, please see my Lab Page.


Summer 2020

Fall 2020

This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.