Applied Biology (Toxicology, Pest Management)

Environmental Toxicology

WEB SITE:  Environmental Toxicology Program

Environmental toxicology is a new and rapidly developing field which is involved in an examination of the fate and impacts of pollutants on biological systems, including both humans and wildlife. Toxicology is a multidisciplinary science, and therefore collects and assimilates information from a variety of disciplines. Both basic and applied aspects of environmental toxicology are studied by a collection of faculty members and students in the Department of Biological Sciences and other departments at Simon Fraser University. Our research ranges from molecular and biochemical studies, through physiological and behavioral approaches, to comprehensive modeling and mathematical studies.

Group Leader

Chris J. Kennedy  (Aquatic Toxicology)

Faculty in this area

Timothy Beischlag  (FHS - signaling in carcinogenesis and toxicology)    
Frank Gobas  (REM - Toxicology)    
Vicki Marlatt (Environmental Toxicology)   
Margo M. Moore  (Microbiology)    
Miriam P. Rosin  (Kinesiology)

Pest Management

WEB SITE:  MPM Program

A group of researchers in the Department focus on biological processes that involve pest organisms. Their research extends to management of pests in agricultural, forest and urban environments. Pest Management, was established at Simon Fraser University in 1967. The Department is recognized to be the first institution in North America to offer a comprehensive post-graduate degree program in pest management.

Group Leader

Jenny Cory  (Insect & Pathogen Ecology)

Faculty in this area

Gerhard J. Gries  (Animal Communication Ecology)    
Carl Lowenberger  (Entomology & Parasitology)    
Zamir K. Punja  (Plant Biotechnology)