Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Research interests of the Ecology and Evolution group in Biological Sciences include organic evolution; behavioural, population, community, and landscape ecology;  conservation ecology (especially but not exclusively in aquatic environments), paleoecology, and ecotoxicology.

Faculty members in this area:

Leah Bendell (Marine Ecology & Ecotoxicology)
Felix Breden  (Population Genetics & Genomics)    
Jenny Cory  (Insect & Pathogen Ecology) Host-Parasite co-evolution    
Isabelle Côté  (Marine Ecology and Conservation)    
Bernie J. Crespi  (Molecular Phylogenetics)   
Nicholas K. Dulvy  (Marine Biodiversity & Conservation)    
Elizabeth Elle  (Community and Evolutionary Ecology)    
David J. Green  (Avian Ecology)
Gerhard Gries (Animal Communication Ecology)
Michael Hart  (Evolutionary genetics of speciation)
David Hik (Terrestrial Ecology)    
Lance Lesack (Limnology)
Leithen M'Gonigle (Terrestrial Ecology)
Rolf Mathewes (Paleoecology & Palynology)
Arne Mooers  (Biodiversity, Phylogeny & Evolution)  
Jonathan Moore (Aquatic Ecology and Conservation)
Wendy J. Palen  (Ecology of Aquatic Communities)    
John D. Reynolds  (Aquatic Ecology & Conservation)   
Tony D. Williams  (Ecological, Evolutionary Physiology)    
Ronald C. Ydenberg  (Behavioural Ecology)