Awards, Grants, Scholarships

Financial aid information (scholarships, awards, bursaries) can be accessed at:

There is a searchable database, and all students are encouraged to apply.  Many awards have general terms of reference, but here we highlight a few that are specific to undergraduates in Biological Sciences, and have been made available through the generosity of our donors.  One (the Clements Field Trip Grant) is administered through Biological Sciences, the remainder through financial aid.


Biological Sciences Merit Scholarship (UESO205).  This scholarship available to a biology major who has the highest academic record upon completion of six terms of study or the equivalent thereof. A student may receive this award only ONCE during their undergraduate career.

Beverley Raymond Scholarship in Biological Sciences or Environmental Studies (UEAO065).  This scholarship is available for students in biological sciences or environmental sciences who have demonstrated interest and aptitude in these fields through academic achievement (minimum CGPA 3.50) and outdoor activities. Preference will be given to a student in their graduating year of an honors program with an honors project relating to environmental studies.Lawrence and Gisela Albright Urgent Need Bursary for Students in Biological Sciences (UEBO782).  

Awards and Grants

Shaughn & Sharon Clements Biological Sciences Field Trip Grant. 

Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Award (UEAO061).  The Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research award is awarded annually to recognize a Biological Sciences major demonstrating outstanding potential for research. The award will be based on research work carried out as an undergraduate. Written work, such as an Independent Study Semester report, undergraduate research (BISC 498 or 499) report, a published paper, or submitted manuscript is especially valuable in the deliberations for this award, but any evidence of strong research ability will be considered.

Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA). The USRA's are intended to stimulate interest and encourage undergraduate students to pursue graduate studies and/or a research career.  Duration of work: 16 weeks.  


Ken Turner Memorial Endowment Fund Bursary (UEBO639).  Available to a 3rd or 4th year undergraduate student with a specialization in Marine Biology. All students are welcome to apply but preference will be given to a student(s) from the Kimberly area if all other qualifications have been met.

Lawrence and Gisela Albright Urgent Need Bursary for Students in Biological Sciences (UEBO782). The Lawrence and Gisela Albright bursaries will be granted annually in any term to one or more undergraduate students who meet the following criteria: enrolled full-time in a Bachelor's degree program in the Biological Sciences; in good academic standing; has demonstrated financial need; and, is experiencing an unanticipated adversity while in the pursuit of their education.

Peter and Elizabeth Belton Bursary in Biology (UEBO729).  Peter and Elizabeth Belton Bursary is available for students majoring in biology. The bursary is granted on the basis of demonstrated financial need and satisfactory academic performance.

Undergraduate Biology Student Union Bursary (UPBO695).   One bursary valued at $100 will be available annually in any term. The bursary, based on financial need, will be granted to an undergraduate student who is an approved biology major and is in good academic standing.