Prospective Students

Admission from High-School and Transfer from Another Post-Secondary Institution

All admission applications to Biological Sciences are administered by SFU Admissions Office.  For information about admissions deadline, requirements and procedure, please visit Admissions Website:

Students who are eligible for admissions to the Faculty of Science and choose Biological Sciences program in their applications may receive direct entry to the Biological Sciences Major program.

Students transferring from another institution in British Columbia should consult with the BC Transfer Guide and the Flexible Pre-Major websites.

Transfer from Another Post-Secondary Institution:

  • Students intending to transfer to SFU from other BC post-secondary institutions are encouraged to follow the Flexible Pre-Major plan, and consult with the BC Transfer Guide for current information on transferable courses. Flexible Pre-Major may be outdated, nevertheless, it gives students useful information about the core courses that are transferable to receiving institutions in British Columbia.
  • Students who transfer into the Biological Sciences Major and Honour programs from other institutions may count a maximum of 2 transfer courses toward their upper division program requirements. 
  • Students who transfer into the Biological Sciences Minor program from other institutions may count a maximum of 1 transfer course toward their upper division program requirements.
  • Transfer students are encouraged to meet with the Undergraduate Advisor upon receiving an admission offer from SFU. Click here for ways to connect with the advisor.

Internal Transfer from Another Program Within SFU

Students already at SFU may apply to the BISC Major once they have completed all Lower Division Requirements. Students must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher on the Lower Division Requirements to be accepted into the program, may not have more than five course duplications.